How Junet Mohammed and his Relatives Looted NYS Millions

Junet Mohamed who is accused of looting NYS millions of shillings in 2015

EACC is tightening its noose on Minority Whip and Suna East MP Hon Junet Mohammed and his family members including his two sisters, his brother and his brother-in-law who is also a senior Government official over the looting of millions of shillings in the NYS Scandal in 2015.

Junet Mohammed, whose official name is Junet Mohammed Sheikh Nuh is linked to Zeigham Enterprises Ltd, a company registered in July 2012, that was awarded NYS contract in conflict of interest, supplied hot air and was paid Sh21.8 million with the money trail tracing into Junet’s personal accounts.

The directors of Zeigham Enterprises Ltd at the time of registration were listed as Junet Sheikh Nuh, Hussein Mohammed Haji (Junet’s brother) and H.F Easterbrook. Records at the Registrar of Companies confirm Junet Mohammed held 50 shares in Zeigham and his address is listed as P.O. Box 135, Suna, Migori.

Zeigham was allegedly awarded a tender worth Sh10,230,000 for the supply of 18 machine belts, Sh6,660,000 for the supply of 12 submersible pumps and Sh5,500,000 for the supply of 10 centrifugal clutches, total Sh21.8 million. This is part of the 129 Million NYS contracts confirmed to have been awarded to Junet Mohamed and his relatives.

EACC investigations have confirmed conflict of interest as Sports Chief Administrative Secretary Mr Hassan Noor Hassan, at the time was the Chief of Staff in the Devolution ministry, was acting as the chairman of the ministerial tender committee that awarded Zeigham the Sh21.8 million tender.

Mr Hassan Noor is Hon Junet Mohamed’s brother-in-law married to his sister Ms Meymuna Sheikh Nuh. In fact, all the individuals linked to the firm are Mr Mohamed’s relatives as the Suna East MP’s brother, Mr Hussein Mohamed Haji, is the firm’s other director.

According to the EACC money trail, NYS released Sh21.8 million to Zeigham Enterprises’ account at First Community Bank in 2015. Zeigham then wired Sh20.67 million to Murhak Enterprises Limited, a firm owned by Mr Hassan Noor and his wife Meymuna Sheikh Nuh (Junet’s sister).

In turn, Murhak Enterprises wired Sh11 million to an account owned by Ms Nuh, and Sh731,000 to an account owned by Mr Hassan, another Sh5 million to Alfallah Wholesalers, a company owned by the Suna East legislator, Hon Junet Mohammed and further Sh. 2.34 to a Mr Gabriel Mwamba Mwarunda (whose accounts EACC is currently investigating).

On 29th November 2016, speaking at Citizen TV Interview (The Big Question), Hon Junet Mohammed admitted to have been a director of Zeigham Enterprises Ltd at one time. He said: “I was a shareholder and director of the company (Zeigham Enterprises Ltd) in 2012.”

However, according to Daily Nation report dated 20th July 2020, “detectives have zeroed in on Zeigham Enterprises, in which the ODM lawmaker (Hon Junet Mohammed) is listed as a director.” The question of when Junet Mohammed ceased to be director of Zeigham Enterprises, whether before or after NYS scandal, is key.

Hon Junet is at pains to explain why his company Alfallah Wholesalers received Ksh. 5 Million being part of the NYS loot from companies associated with his siblings who had been awarded the tenders in question by NYS in conflict of interest by their relative Hassan Noor Hassan.

Hon Junet Mohamed is also linked to Fahaza Limited which in printouts from the IFMIS is shown to have supplied grinders and their accessories worth Sh58.3 million to NYS. The company, registered in Juky 2014, is owned by Hon Junet Mohamed Sheikh Nuh and Hafsa Sheikh Nuh (his sister) and one Michael M. King’ori.

Kikuyu MP Hon Kimani Ichung’wa who reported the case to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and called on them to investigate Hon Junet Mohammed. “We want one Junet Mohammed to tell Kenyans who were the other people who got the money from the National Youth Service,” said Mr Ichung’wa.

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Junet is the among the most useless politicians we will ever have, waste of time to even talk about him however he must be investigated and return public funds.

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