Koigi: Revenue Sharing Being Sabotaged to Further Interests of Tribal Chiefs

Former Nakuru North MP and Political Detainee Hon Koigi wa Wamwere

Hon Koigi wa Wamwere, Former Nakuru North MP.

The right revenue bill must share national resources to people and every poor man. The bill or new plan to share national revenue is stalemated seven times now in the Senate, not because Senators are fighting to give ordinary people more money, but because ethnic Senatorial interests are in conflict with those of the people and other Senators.

First, instead of sharing national revenue to every Kenyan to ensure equality among all communities and counties, ethnic leaders and elites are fighting over loot from taxes and corruption, national economy and government resources.

Second, instead of giving every Kenya a share of national resource, the elites that are writing the new revenue law are fighting over national resources as ethnic communities and counties.

Three, instead of sharing resources to every poor Kenyan and every poor part of Kenya, the new revenue bill aims at equalizing the resources that are shared among ethnic leaders, communities and their counties.

Fourth, instead of making sure all poor people of the land are given a piece of national resources and at least a piece of national resource is given to develop every part of Kenya, Senators who are haggling over the new bill are fighting to ensure their leaders, their elites, their rich, their communities and their counties get more resources than other Senators and communities.

Fifth, to arrive at their ethnic interests, like in the days of Kanu one party dictatorship and Dictator Moi, government will give more resources to the donkey which included President Moi to make it catch up with the more developed horse which was said to own the economy.

If Senators could agree on sharing all resources to all people instead of fighting only for resources going only to ethnic leaders and their ethnic communities and instead, make a law of revenue that will guarantee resources to every Kenyan, every community as Kenyans, every part of Kenya and every poor persons wherever they are, it is possible there will be adequate resources from taxes to finance development everywhere and satisfaction of all needs of every Kenyan.

It is common sense that the sharing of resources that we need is the resource allocation whose aim will be to eradicate poverty every where in the land, ensure there are no more poor people anywhere and end the class system that breeds rich and poor.

However, to have justice in resource allocation, the Senate must adopt the philosophy of President JF Kennedy when he said that a government that will not support the poor will not protect the rich or their wealth.Apart from President Kennedy, for the revenue bill to succeed in giving every Kenyan a piece of the pie, the Senate must first replace our heartless capitalism with the more humane social democracy that will ensure equality of resources for all.

And instead of our ideology of negative ethnicity that distributes resources to ethnic communities and counties, the Senate must be guided by the ideology of nationalism that will equalize Kenyans wherever they are. It will hardly happen for the Senate to equitably share resources to every Kenyan without a vision whose path is illuminated by equality, brotherhood, being your brother’s keeper, nationalism and similar values.

Ultimately, in a revolutionary process that seeks equitable sharing of resources, the Senate must of necessity avoid corruption that is crippling equality by embracing negative ethnicity and its ethnic apartheid.

May the key aim of the revenue bill be to eradicate poverty in Kenya, in society, in every community and every part of this country. Without this goal, the revenue bill will achieve nothing but perpetuate the eternal rot in our rotten system.

When our elites fight as they are fighting now, we will have nothing to gain by taking sides in their wars.

Published in Hon Koigi wa Wamwere Facebook Page on 9th August 2020.

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