Ten (10) Reasons Why Elachi’s Deputy Kamangu Won’t be Acting Speaker

Deputy Speaker and Ruai MCA John Kamangu Nyumu

John Kamangu Nyumu not only lacks the intellectual capacity and the academic qualifications to act as Speaker of Nairobi County Assembly, he has also lost the confidence of Jubilee Party and credibility in the eyes of most Nairobi Residents.

Here is why Nairobi County MCAs don’t want to see John Kamangu Nyumu anywhere near the Speaker’s seat now or ever.

One, like many former Nairobi Councillors, John Kamangu Nyumu doesn’t have much to show for academic qualifications. Even asking for water in English is a problem for MCA Kamangu let alone preciding over Nairobi County Assembly.

Two, John Kamangu Nyumu is part of the cartels giving Nairobi residents sleepless nights. Only the other day he was named as part of the seven member cartel who had conspired to grab the vast Ruai sewerage land in his own Ruai ward, for personal use.

Three, John Kamangu Nyumu has no mind of his own, it is many months since he donated his brain to Beatrice Elachi to use and abuse at her whim. Kamangu jumps when Elachi says stand, removing Elachi to replace her with Kamangu is waste of time.

Four, John Kamangu Nyumu has lost the faith of Nairobi County MCAs who voted him as one of their own to represent their interests as Deputy Speaker. It is a shame he abandoned them to hang on the skirts of Beatrice Elachi.

Five, John Kamangu Nyumu has lost the faith and confidence of his sponsoring party, Jubilee Party. The summons to face the Party Disciplinary Committee is the proof MCAs need to accept that Kamangu is a rebel without a cause.

Six, John Kamangu Nyumu was rejected by Nairobi MCAs from acting as Speaker when Elachi bolted last time. MCAs settled for then Majority Whip Chege Mwaura because they could tell Kamangu didn’t have what it takes to act as Nairobi Speaker.

Seven, John Kamangu Nyumu does not automatically ascend to the office of Speaker. The MCAs have the final say as the Constitution does not envisage the position of Deputy Speaker acting as Speaker. Nairobi MCAs don’t think highly of Kamangu.

Eight, John Kamangu Nyumu is Beatrice Elachi’s choice for her successor. Every Nairobi MCA is right now wondering why Elachi trusts Kamangu and why they should remove Elachi only for her to choose who should preside over them after she is gone.

Nine, John Kamangu Nyumu in his heydays as Councillor was a close associate of Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu as Embakasi MP and grabbed Ruai Sewerage along with Waititu’s wife. President Uhuru wants nothing to do with them.

Lastly, John Kamangu Nyumu faces the choice of either letting MCAs choose Acting Speaker or they impeach him and then choose their Acting Speaker. The minute they place his impeachment motion in the order paper, he won’t be able to act as Speaker.

Ruai MCA John Kamangu Nyumu has the choice to either provoke the Nairobi County MCAs and go the way of Beatrice Elachi before the end of the week or lie low and let the MCAs choose their acting Speaker as they decide the day of his inevitable fate.

John Kamangu Nyumu is No. 5 in the list of the cartel behind the land grabbing of Ruai Sewerage land in his own ward. As proof that he is a close associate of Former Kiambu Governor, Waititu’s wife is No. 4 in the list.

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