Why Uhuru Forced Elachi to Resign

Former Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi who resigned on Tuesday

It doesn’t take rocket science to know why Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi resigned in a huff early Tuesday morning when only hours later you see the Jubilee Party summon her associate MCAs for disciplinary action. Simply put: Beatrice Elachi resigned because President Uhuru Kenyatta was tired of her shenanigans.

The question Kenyans should be asking is not why Beatrice Elachi resigned, but why she lost the confidence of President Uhuru Kenyatta and why the Head of State decided to throw her under the bus and support Governor Mike Sonko and Nairobi MCAs in ousting her.

According to our sources in State House, the President got tired of Beatrice Elachi and her Cartel members misusing his name to do despicable things with impunity in City Hall. The video of Beatrice Elachi ordering police to attack and maim MCAs is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Unfortunately, the video leaked the same day Mlango Kubwa MCA Patricia Mutheu was assaulted by Police at behest of Beatrice Elachi and her cohorts. The fact that the unwarranted assault of the elected Lady MCA went viral and earned unanimous criticism because of the sheer impunity of Beatrice Elachi didn’t help matters.

Now, all the MCAs who have been surrounding Beatrice Elachi have been summoned by Jubilee Party for disciplinary action. They are John Kamangu Nyumu (Ruai), Milicent Mugandi (ziwani), Jeremiah Karani (Kayole Central Ward) as well as June Ndengwa, Joyce Kamau, Susan Makungu and Margaret Mbote (all nominated MCAs).

All the pundits agree that the nine lives of Beatrice Elachi are kaput: She has come to the end of the road. She should have read the writing on the wall when President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed Major General Badi instead of picking anyone from the City Hall Cartel that was working with her to cut Sonko to size.

Uhuru simply wants City Hall to stop bickering and get down to business. Since Beatrice Elachi is why peace cannot prevail in City Hall as had become apparent in recent days, then she had to go. Clearly, Beatrice Elachi overestimated her worth and she paid an heavy price for it.

Anyone who knows City hall will tell you only one person could get Beatrice Elachi to resign by asking for her resignation: President Uhuru Kenyatta. It is definitely why she was addressing herself to the President in her resignation. She must have been shocked her to the core to find out the hard way that even the System eats its own.

Least we forget, Beatrice Elachi has numerous scandals to her name in Nairobi County Assembly itself. It is time to call her to account. She must not be allowed to get away with her sins by imposing an Acting Speaker and Clerk on the County Assembly against the law. Whatever it is Beatrice Elachi is trying to cover up for must come to light!.

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