Thousands of Kenyans Angry with Raila “for Defending Covid-19 Billionaires”

ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga when he hosted Hon Gladys Wanga, Peter Kenneth, David Murathe and Ann Waiguru who have been named and linked to various unsolved corruption scandals

Many Kenyans reacted angrily to ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga’s statement which appeared to rebuke Kenyans for taking to social media to condemn theft of KEMSA Billions before an “audit.’ Here are a sample of comments on his Facebook page.

Levi Elton Nyabuto “Kenyans know that your proxies were involved in this scam. Therefore you directly benefited from this scandal. WHO said stealing Covid-19 money is equal to committing murder. Thus, Baba through your people you committed murder. Save us energy by not writing these long post to try…and sanitize #Covid19billionares.”

Horace Gwako “Trying to control the damage😆😆😆😆. ODM is the SI unit of corruption and wash wash.”

Wilfred Mwiandi “I thought handshake was to fight corruption…”

Robert Marutto “The Lord of poverty himself is speaking nothing good…”

CK Muindi “The fundamental question is: Did Raila Odinga benefit from COVID billions?”

Giddy Ogiddy “There is nothing you can tell us. Just retire peacefully.”

Ernest Nyaberi “They (ODM) preach water but consume excessive wine 🙄

Jeff Kimwele Masoo “Baba ulifika Canaan alafu ukasahau na sisi sio!?”

Bk Maritim “You are not even ashamed of yourself talking about NYS, yesterday you hosted the architect of NYS heist for a party in your house…”

Arap Lomutono Paul “Wewe Raila Odinga you don’t even feel ashamed of yourself after you hosted NYS heist yesterday in your house na Mwizi wa Covid-19 scandal”

Titus Mutuma “You are Peoples Conman, Lord of Poverty and Ugly face of impunity in Republic of Kenya.”

Jeff Mbugua “Actions speaks more than words. All the corrupt leaders are being sanitized at Capital Hill (Raila’s Office). It’s now clear you (Raila) always talk the opposite.”

Hassan Iman “Your days of Deceiving Kenyans is over… Capital Hill is the house fighting Kenyans and endorsing corruption… I will never be convinced to vote for you…”

Lucas Omwenga “Are you talking as opposition leader or government sympathizer? Why can’t you advocate for the suspects to step aside…?

As one Fred Kim wondered, “But before you (Raila) used to shout at roof tops before the agencies concerned did the audit. What has changed Baba? Could it be your mouth is full and you are not able to shout and as they say it’s bad manners to talk leave alone shout when your mouth is full.”

The jury is still out on the political implications of ODM erstwhile loyal supporters, who before used to take the word of Raila Odinga as the law, castigating him in public over his views. Is it too early to say ODM may be losing its support base?

As one commentator, Jos Aloyotin Jagem, put it: All Negative Comments are by the People who trusted Raila and ODM so much that they were ready to kill if you question their support but little did they know that in Politics never Trust Politician as they only defend their interest….at least we are now learning.

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